Wednesday, 31 August 2011

One of the best times of my life...

I cant believe its been nearly a week from arriving home from Magic Life Penelope Imperial in Djerba!!

It was so much fun and I met loads of new friends.

All the staff were so nice and highlights were:

Camel Riding in the Sahara


Aqua Gym

Limbo at the Beach party

and of course the Jambo Mambo Club Dance which in no shame will show my friends the signature moves once I get back to school :D

The Best Holiday EVER!!!! thank you Magic Life   xxxx

Friday, 1 July 2011

Thorpe Park 27\6\11

Ahh we had such a great time!!
Here we are on Loggers Leap - but you can't see my face!!
It was such a hot day and Saw kept breaking down. It hell and we were stuck behind a load of Goths...luckily, when it broke down we were finally at the front of the queue to get into the building and it was in the SHADE!!! phew! Plus we weren't bored looking at the fit security men take a load of queue jumpers out.
Fortunately this time, we managed to get on Nemesis Inferno. It is so good!!


OK, Leicester is a crap Uni. It was so uninviting and Jade and I got so bored. So we played a game: sit on a bench and pick out all the hot guys, all the fashion crimes and just basically having a good old moan/bitch. This woman kept giving us evil looks. But it was fun.


Georgie goes to Cornwall tomorrow. I'm going to miss her....and her punches......which is weird, but she gets satisfaction from bullying me then hugging (well clinging on like a limpet) me to say sorry. I love her :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

OMG!!!! Johnny English 2!!!!

One reason to tune into Camelot....

Jade showed me is so cute!!


I wanna buy the new album so much but I've got Progress already ;(. just a waste of money. I hope the bring it out separate to Progress and not just a add on. :(

I am officially in love with Take That (especially Gary :) ). I have spent literally 10 hours listening nonstop to the new single "Love Love" - that is sad.....

Monday, 23 May 2011

I have been pulled away from revision....

OK, well I should be doing Psychology revision, but I am addicted to Lady Gaga's new album: Born this Way. It is amazing!!

It comes out today and I cannot wait to buy it!!

Luckily I had the privilege of listening to most of her album a couple of days before she released the album, due to Farmville (I know I'm sad). Just do a couple of things on Farmville and hey presto, I could listen to 47 minutes of her album!!

I have to say I cannot choose which song is the best.
I love "Americano", because it's so Latin inspired, and hit "Judas" is weird but amazing. And "Bloody Mary" just makes me feel good like "Government Hooker" which is a great dance track. The best opener is "Electric Chapel". It's STOMPING!!
And just for Jenny there is a German inspired song "Schei╬▓e" :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011


AHHH.......... I can't wait until Summer, once the exams have finished on the 7th June, Abbots Carnival on the 11th, then on the 16th Jenny's Birthday, YAY!!!
As she already knows (and the only one who's gonna be reading this probs) my mum said yes yes to the BBQ for celebrations of finishing exams and Jenjens birthday ;). So it's a time to let our hair down, get slightly pissed then settle down for the night in the living room.
Happy days :)

Behind Doors

Ok, this is bad. 

I am having recurring nightmares of Insidious.  Every time I go to bed, I have to check every room in the house!!

 I watched the doctor who episode, the 2nd one with the Silence and had to hide behind the pillow to stop myself screaming when Amy went into the room and the rocking horse was moving, just like Insidious.

And Jade nearly screamed in Psychology when the door opened on its own!!

What do I do!!!

Friday, 29 April 2011

A Royal Wedding

Had to say, I've changed my mind about Kate. She looked absolutely radiant today. I loved her dress.

My favorite part was definitely the kiss, and slagging off the many hats - what was Princess B thinking!!

 Had to say, the bridesmaids were so cute and Harry looked fit!!
There was nuns, Elton John looking very much like the Churchill insurance dog and the Queen was bright yellow....very Easter-ly.

Was it me or did Wills look like he was about to faint just before the vows??

All in all, its been a good day, now i'm off with mum to get "slightly tipsy" then head down to the fireworks at the local pub.


Thursday, 21 April 2011


Cambridge open day

Yes, I got in to the Clare College open day!!!
Now by car or train?........

Too obsessive....

I is time to say that I and my friends have become too obsessive with the new film "Red Riding Hood". Constant talking of the hot, hot, hot men has pushed my revision time down to literally nothing. If it wasn't for today, Psychology revision I would be too worried and completely stressed!!!! However, this didn't really change, as I had a laugh doing Snog, Marry, Avoid about the guys in our school. Hell of a lot of fun!!!

In conclusion, it can't stop, I mean who can resist salivating over this guy??

Well this is a first....

I don't know what to say.....

My friend today encouraged me to start a blog after showing me hers. I cannot say the name of the person as I have promised her I will keep it a secret.

Well, I suppose I should start with saying who I am.

My name is Rebecca, I'm 17 (and a half).

I go to Parmiter's School studying Psychology, Human Biology, Maths -stats, and Art.

My friends and Family mean the most to me in the world and I wouldn't get through the days if I didn't have my group of friends around me and a good bitching/complaining about EVERYTHING with my sister on the way home.