Thursday, 21 April 2011

Too obsessive....

I is time to say that I and my friends have become too obsessive with the new film "Red Riding Hood". Constant talking of the hot, hot, hot men has pushed my revision time down to literally nothing. If it wasn't for today, Psychology revision I would be too worried and completely stressed!!!! However, this didn't really change, as I had a laugh doing Snog, Marry, Avoid about the guys in our school. Hell of a lot of fun!!!

In conclusion, it can't stop, I mean who can resist salivating over this guy??


  1. I'm warning you, Imma fight you over diz.

  2. oooh, not gonna happen. HE'S MINE!!!! :D

  3. No, not over him, I mean't the previous thing i.e. I'm not that great at who even is he? x

  4. Shiloh Fernandez. He was Peter in Red Riding Hood. :)