Monday, 23 May 2011

I have been pulled away from revision....

OK, well I should be doing Psychology revision, but I am addicted to Lady Gaga's new album: Born this Way. It is amazing!!

It comes out today and I cannot wait to buy it!!

Luckily I had the privilege of listening to most of her album a couple of days before she released the album, due to Farmville (I know I'm sad). Just do a couple of things on Farmville and hey presto, I could listen to 47 minutes of her album!!

I have to say I cannot choose which song is the best.
I love "Americano", because it's so Latin inspired, and hit "Judas" is weird but amazing. And "Bloody Mary" just makes me feel good like "Government Hooker" which is a great dance track. The best opener is "Electric Chapel". It's STOMPING!!
And just for Jenny there is a German inspired song "Schei╬▓e" :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011


AHHH.......... I can't wait until Summer, once the exams have finished on the 7th June, Abbots Carnival on the 11th, then on the 16th Jenny's Birthday, YAY!!!
As she already knows (and the only one who's gonna be reading this probs) my mum said yes yes to the BBQ for celebrations of finishing exams and Jenjens birthday ;). So it's a time to let our hair down, get slightly pissed then settle down for the night in the living room.
Happy days :)

Behind Doors

Ok, this is bad. 

I am having recurring nightmares of Insidious.  Every time I go to bed, I have to check every room in the house!!

 I watched the doctor who episode, the 2nd one with the Silence and had to hide behind the pillow to stop myself screaming when Amy went into the room and the rocking horse was moving, just like Insidious.

And Jade nearly screamed in Psychology when the door opened on its own!!

What do I do!!!