Friday, 1 July 2011

Thorpe Park 27\6\11

Ahh we had such a great time!!
Here we are on Loggers Leap - but you can't see my face!!
It was such a hot day and Saw kept breaking down. It hell and we were stuck behind a load of Goths...luckily, when it broke down we were finally at the front of the queue to get into the building and it was in the SHADE!!! phew! Plus we weren't bored looking at the fit security men take a load of queue jumpers out.
Fortunately this time, we managed to get on Nemesis Inferno. It is so good!!


OK, Leicester is a crap Uni. It was so uninviting and Jade and I got so bored. So we played a game: sit on a bench and pick out all the hot guys, all the fashion crimes and just basically having a good old moan/bitch. This woman kept giving us evil looks. But it was fun.


Georgie goes to Cornwall tomorrow. I'm going to miss her....and her punches......which is weird, but she gets satisfaction from bullying me then hugging (well clinging on like a limpet) me to say sorry. I love her :)