Wednesday, 31 August 2011

One of the best times of my life...

I cant believe its been nearly a week from arriving home from Magic Life Penelope Imperial in Djerba!!

It was so much fun and I met loads of new friends.

All the staff were so nice and highlights were:

Camel Riding in the Sahara


Aqua Gym

Limbo at the Beach party

and of course the Jambo Mambo Club Dance which in no shame will show my friends the signature moves once I get back to school :D

The Best Holiday EVER!!!! thank you Magic Life   xxxx


  1. Dancing? Becca???????????????? Ahha, I love the pictures on the camels, your family look brilliant :] x

  2. i will show you up in front of the yr 12s :)

  3. OH please no, for your own sake...